Taxpayer should not have to top-up police budget which government has reduced

Lincolnshire Police.
Lincolnshire Police.

I see that as well as the inevitable council tax rise we are also being subjected to a increase in the police precept.

This, I believe, is to recruit more police officers to make some impact into the loss of 800 or so personnel in the last few years.

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I seem to remember back then paying my council tax and having a fairly satisfactory police service in my area.

In fact, we actually saw officers regularly walking around town.

But central government then decided to save money and make the police more ‘efficient’.

We have all seen the result of this policy over the past years – crime on the increase and the police not having the resources to deal with ‘minor’ crime such as burglary.

People are not even bothering to report incidents in some cases.

We have paid our taxes in good faith down the years and the Government has taken huge amounts of money out of the police budget.

This money should surely come out of the coffers of central government and not from the pockets of the hard-pressed taxpayer.

Peter Boyden

Crabtree Lane, Lancing


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