Shoreham roads still flooding despite huge amounts spent by council on improvements

I am absolutely sick of finding the railway bridges between north and south Shoreham flooded to the degree that pedestrians are unable to pass. This includes the Southdown Road and West Street bridges.

Huge amounts of council money has been spent on supposed repairs and improvements to eliminate the flooding. This had been a total failure.

Flooding under the Southdown Road railway bridge in Shoreham in 2016. Picture by Will Flewett

Flooding under the Southdown Road railway bridge in Shoreham in 2016. Picture by Will Flewett

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On Friday, I was witness to drain cleaning and just the following day the road was totally flooded – not just under the railway bridge but the whole entire roadway in Southdown Road opposite the dental surgery.

Pedestrians struggle to navigate a dry route into town and cannot pass under either railway tunnel without the aid of flippers or fishing waders.

The traffic doesn’t stop or wait and you risk the potential of a soaking.

I am sick to death of writing to the council and the local MP.

I pay my council tax and expect these types of problems to be rectified.

The works undertaken last year have been a total waste of money.

Jane McCabe

Mill Lane, Shoreham


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