Arundel A27 bypass should follow route of Arun Valley line

I wish to suggest a green answer to the Arundel bypass problem. There is a direct route from Crossbush to Chichester and it would run parallel to the Arun Valley line from Arundel.

It could curve round from Crossbush to run beside the Arun Valley, adjoining it west of Broomhurst Farm and above the floodplain level.

The Crossbush junction along the A27

The Crossbush junction along the A27

Re-run of Arundel A27 options consultation announced by Highways England

It could follow the railway across the River Arun, heightening bridges over the river and Ford Road to eliminate level crossings, with a new high-level station.

It would be a straight run from there, with the westbound carriageway one side of the railway and the eastbound the other. All level crossing sites at present would be eliminated by bridges over road and railway.

At Barnham, both carriageways would be carried by viaduct over the railway line. At Chichester, the road would again bridge the Bognor Road roundabout and then join the present A27. Maybe there could be an elevated road above the A27 to form a second bypass, joining the main A27 at the Fishbourne roundabout.

This would give a southerly route to Chichester, relieving pressure on the northen routes and avoiding Tortington and Binsted and encroachment of the South Downs National Park.

Just check the map to see how little destruction of property or environment would be necessary.

K Paine

Woodlands Road



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