There's one yawn every minute..!

YAWNING away, these gorgeous Jack Russell terrier puppies owe their lives to a very special mum '“ a human one.

Monday, 12th March 2007, 7:54 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 11:44 pm

The nine-week-old puppies were rejected by their real mother, so when they were sent to live at the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Shoreham, they were adopted by surrogate mum Elaine Potter.

Elaine, a canine carer at the home, has hand-reared the pups since they were one day old.

She said: "We are thrilled how well the puppies are doing. They are growing rapidly and all integrate really well together.

"While the initial period of hand-rearing the puppies was extremely demanding, being able to save these puppies' lives and watching them grow and develop is extremely rewarding."

Elaine agreed to be the puppies' surrogate mum as she had previously hand-reared puppies.

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