Shoreham children march through town in Brexit protest

Children on the march in Shoreham
Children on the march in Shoreham

They may be too young to vote, but a determined group of Shoreham youngsters made it clear they were not too young to have an opinion on Brexit by holding a march through the town.

Isobel Walker, 10, led a group of around 20 of her classmates on an anti-Brexit protest through Shoreham on Saturday.

Children on the march in Shoreham

Children on the march in Shoreham

As thousands took to the streets in London to call for a People’s Vote on Brexit, the crowd of children, aged eight to 11, marched from the Shoreham Centre in Pond Road to Shoreham Beach and back, calling for Britain to remain in the EU.

Isobel’s mother, Fiona Walker, said her daughter had made flyers ahead of the event which she handed out to her schoolfriends at Buckingham Park Primary School.

Isobel, who lived in Spain for two years when she was younger, had read about Brexit in a children’s magazine and was passionate about the issue, she said.

“My daughter said ‘we don’t get a vote, we don’t get to have our say, but it’s our future,” Mrs Walker said.

“They can’t understand all the implications of Brexit, but they can understand it’s something that changes their future.”

Marching through Shoreham, Isobel was also joined by her seven-year-old brother and four-year-old sister.

Mrs Walker said: “They got a lot of support from people cheering, but they also got some people grumbling at them as well.”

She said she was proud of Isobel and her friends for taking action.

“I think it was quite a brave thing to do,” she said. “It was their first experience of actually being able to do something and have a say.”

By the end of the march, the young protestors were all ‘on a bit of a high’, she said.

“They are learning how to form their own ideas about things and speak out for what they believe in,” she said.

“I hope they inspired other young people to get involved in their own causes and make their voices heard.”

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