Dogs Trust Shoreham Dog of the Week: Meet Banjo and Dixie, best friends looking for a home together

Meet Banjo and Dixie, two lurchers who are the best of friends and on the lookout for a home together as a pair.

Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 12:38 pm

Dogs Trust Shoreham would love to find somewhere quiet and peaceful, where the dogs can spend their retirement years indulging in the simple luxuries of life.

Nine-year-old Dixie and 13-year-old Banjo can often be found zooming around the fields or chasing after their toys in the playground.

They are gentle-natured dogs and partial to an afternoon snooze but they certainly do not act their age when it comes to playtime.

Meet adorable duo Banjo and Dixie, on the lookout for a home together as a pair

While Banjo is more confident when it comes to making new friends and will happily lap up all the fuss and attention, Dixie is a little more shy and can become easily overwhelmed in busy environments.

It will take her a little longer to build up a friendship but with a gentle approach and lots of tasty treats, it should not take too long.

The pair would best be suited to a quieter home, where they can settle into a predictable routine and the youngest members of the family are aged at least 15.

Banjo and Dixie cannot live with other animals and will need to be walked on-lead where there is any risk they could bump into other species.

Sociable Dixie could have walking buddies on a solo walk but when they go out as pair, it will need to be in quieter areas, as Banjo is unsure of other dogs.

If you think you could Change the Tale for Banjo and Dixie, visit for more information.