MPs should challenge social care cuts after story of Lancing disabled man

I read with dismay of the cold-hearted treatment of one of the kindest, most devoted and caring families I've had the pleasure of knowing for over 30 years.

Friday, 12th October 2018, 12:48 pm
Updated Saturday, 13th October 2018, 3:59 am
Tony Rainford, Grant Rainford, his dog Sonny, and his sister Debbie Adams

It seems that a very ruthless culture has infected West Sussex County Council to be so rigid in their response to what is clearly becoming a desperate situation for a courageous family in need.

While still reeling from the shock losing their dear mother they try to cope as an elderly father in his 80s, who himself is recovering from cancer and a devoted sister Debbie, who consistently places her own family life on hold, to look after a much loved son and brother, Grant who has multiple and complex needs.

|{}Family fights to keep disabled man at home in Lancing amid funding problems}|

They do all of this willingly of course as anyone who knows them will tell you they are a family full of love and commitment to one another, despite being struck by tragedy.

Having chosen to devote themselves to Grant’s needs after his fateful mountain biking accident in 1997, I’m sure it is without doubt they saved WSCC an unimaginable amount of money.

This ‘family value’ is now being rewarded in their hour of need with flat refusals for a little more funding. Funding that would enable Grant and Debbie’s elderly father to rest at night. At 82 years of age and unwell this is surely a human right?

Funding that would enable Debbie, who gave up a career to care for her brother, time to spend with her family and even look after her dad.

Funding that would ultimately allow Grant to continue living in his home, which is his absolute right. Cuts in social care need to be strongly challenged by Peter Bottomley and Tim Loughton if this is how unwavering, overburdened, family carers in Worthing are being rewarded.


Cowbridge Meadow, Guildford


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