Claire Bradford: have you experienced any auspicious dates?

WHEN we were having our house renovated, our decorator Anthony often mentioned a woman called Janine Lowe, who is a Feng Shui expert and Chinese astrologer he knew, with a lot of success helping individuals and businesses.

Saturday, 12th July 2014, 3:00 pm

Anthony would talk about times she had helped him by letting him know the optimum date or time to make an important phone call, for example, or even to stay out of people’s way!

I was sceptical but curious, as I trust Ant’s judgement, so I arranged to meet Janine.

Janine is an approachable, chatty lady and I warmed to her immediately.

She explained that she helps a wide variety of clients, from companies wanting to make more money to helping couples who are trying to conceive, and she often does this with the help of auspicious dates:

What are auspicious dates and how can they help businesses?

Don’t you sometimes wake up and feel you can conquer the world? That’s because auspicious dates come with a positive chi.

“With advance knowledge of when they will happen, you can be prepared to optimise those dates both personally and professionally.

Businesses can harness this by choosing to launch a product, starting a company, or make important phone calls at the exact date and time that will be most beneficial for them.

How can I find out when my auspicious dates are?

Your Chinese animal sign is worked out from the year you were born. The Chinese new year generally starts about February 4 every year. Go to my website ( to find out which Chinese animal you are.

We are made up of four animals and eight elements that may be repeated, and this is called a Bazi or a life chart, and it is from this chart that your auspicious dates can be calculated.

I found out, for example, that although I am an Ox, I have significant Rooster and Pig elements in my chart.

Janine gave me the best day and time to send an important email that I had been working on.

At the time of writing, it was yesterday evening. I’ll keep you posted as to the results…

Have you had any experience with auspicious dates?

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