Hunt for missing dog

A DOG rehomed by Dogs Trust Shoreham went missing within days of moving in with the new owner.

Tuesday, 8th July 2014, 11:27 am

The charity appealed for help in finding the golden labrador cross, which escaped from a property in Polegate at 9am yesterday.

Donnie had been rehomed over the weekend but slipped the collar and escaped from the new owner’s grasp.

Tracey Rae, manager at the Brighton Road rehoming centre, asked for people who spotted Donnie to call Dogs Trust Shoreham.

After a sighting was reported, centre staff placed a jumper belonging to the carer nearby. Donnie sniffed it out and was found curled up on top of it this morning.

Tracey explained that although Donnie was a friendly dog, it would have been difficult to use food to coax it as it would have been confused and unfamiliar with the surroundings.