Fewer "Chelsea tractors", please

PEOPLE living near a busy school entrance have complained about levels of traffic near their homes.

Thursday, 15th February 2007, 9:51 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 11:44 pm

Access to Shoreham College is via narrow St Julian's Lane, Shoreham. People living there told the Herald they had had enough of the traffic and parked cars.

Bob Ketcher, 65, said that before school started and at the end of the day, the road was a cross between a race track and a car park, as parents dropped off and collected their children.

"Everyone is getting uptight about it. It is the 'Chelsea tractors', the 4x4s. You couldn't get a fire engine down here, no way. It would be impossible."

Fellow St Julian's Lane resident Elizabeth Crouch, also 65, said the sheer volume of traffic had affected the way people went about their days.

"You can't even get round to your garage. If you have a lot of shopping, you have to time it," she said. "You have to arrange your doctor's appointments accordingly."

Mrs Crouch added she appreciated the school's position, but was also concerned for the safety of pupils.

"It is dangerous," she said. "There are children about '“ there will be an accident round here one day."

The college employs an attendant to try to control traffic and parking in St Julian's Lane.

Mr Ketcher said: "He tries really hard and is doing a really good job, but it is an impossible task. We have just had enough."

Shoreham College head teacher Rod Iremonger told the Herald he appreciated the number of cars and the impact they had on the neighbourhood, and said steps were continually being taken to help lessen the disruption.

He added: "We are trying at the moment to get a lollipop person for the bottom of Kingston Lane, to try to encourage more people to walk.

"We employ an attendant to encourage parents to park reasonably. I have every sympathy, but my first priority is the safety of the children."