National park site monitored after felling concerns raised

Residents concerned by tree felling in the South Downs National Park have asked Horsham District Council to monitor the site.

Tuesday, 6th February 2018, 11:18 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 1:07 am

One Steyning resident – who became concerned by the presence of bulldozers on national park land located to the south of Kingsmead Close, in Steyning, on Friday – said diggers were being used to ‘crush trees’ and had asked representatives from the council to inspect the site.

A spokesman for the council said a tree preservation order for the site had been served in April 2006.

Following an inspection, the spokesman added: “Further to the notification of works being carried out on land to the immediate south of Kingsmead Close, Bramber, the Council’s Arboricultural Officer visited the site and inspected the works on Friday.

“It was found that a contractor was on site clearing understorey, broken and dead trees, and those too small to be included within the tree preservation order.

“No trees subject to the tree preservation order had been removed or damaged, and none of the standing protected trees harmed. The size of the trees being removed obviates the need for an application to the Forestry Commission for a felling licence.

“The matter has been discussed with the landowner who is aware of the presence of the tree preservation order, the position of the site within the South Downs National Park, and his responsibilities under the 1967 Forestry Act (as amended).

“The on-going works are being monitored by the Council’s Arboricultural Officer.”