Dogs Trust carer's ten years of helping hounds

After ten years spent rehoming thousands of hounds, a canine carer is reflecting back over the highlights of her job at Dogs Trust Shoreham.

Saturday, 28th October 2017, 11:17 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:22 am
Canine carer Jemma Murray celebrates her ten year anniversary helping hounds, including Nesse the Lurcher, at Dogs Trust Shoreham

Jemma Murray, who is from Horsham, has spent a decade ensuring homeless dogs can head off to forever homes with their special someone, and has even adopted some furry friends along the way.

Although 34 year old Jemma studied furniture design at college, her passion for pooches led her to apply for the role at Dogs Trust Shoreham. Her favourite aspect of the job at the rehoming centre is seeing a dog she has worked so closely with leave to begin a new life with their family.

She said: “The best part is receiving updates on how they are doing from their new ‘paw-rents’, Since I was a young child, I’ve always had a passion for animals, having had a variety of pets throughout my life. Personally, working with dogs is my dream job; I feel honoured and proud that this is actually my career! I love telling people where I work and what I do. There’s nothing better than seeing the transformation of a shy and nervous dog that has had a tough start in life, develop into a happier and more confident dog. I’m currently working closely with Flame, a fantastic dog who is overcoming a few issues, and it’s very rewarding to be part of his journey.”

“I feel really lucky to be part of such a lovely and devoted team at Shoreham’s rehoming centre, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else other than caring for different sets of paws and waggy tails!”

Jemma currently owns two dogs – Charlie, an 11-year-old Springer Spaniel and Nana, a 13-year-old Wire Fox Terrier – although this number varies from time to time as she temporarily fosters dogs while they wait for their forever family through the charity’s Home from Home scheme.

Jemma said: “I’ve learned over the last ten years you can’t always let your heart rule your head, so the next best thing to adopting is to help them find their forever home with a new family. I’m so fond of the elderly dogs that come into the rehoming centre – I’ve adopted several and fostered many over the years!”

Among Jemma’s highlights over her decade at Dogs Trust include being selected to go on a work trip to Malta in 2012 to help out at local animal rescue sanctuaries.

She said: “I was chosen to go out and support the charities through Dogs Trust Worldwide, and I met such dedicated people who I’m still in touch with to this day. I’ve even roped my husband into several ‘working holidays’ where we’ve travelled back to Malta and helped at one of the sanctuaries again!”

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