REVIEW: I Met a Man Who Wasn’t There in Worthing

TRUE terror gripped the audience at the Connaught Theatre, Worthing, on Tuesday, May 25, with the opening night of a contemporary supernatural thriller by Emmerdale writer Philip Meeks.

Wednesday, 25th May 2011, 12:09 pm

With just two performers for the entire performance and the building of a spine-chilling atmosphere, it calls for utter silence in the auditorium – something the play was not blessed with earlier in the run, thanks to a mobile phone going off, but which held in the main this time.

The ghostly tale stars Casualty favourite Cathy Shipton as a journalist seeking answers and award-winning Coronation Street actor Brian Capron, who gave an absolutely mesmerising performance as a clairvoyant who thought he had given it all up after the death of his beloved wife.

There were some quite sinister undertones as the plot unfolded and a devil-like apparition began to appear in the room.

In between, there were some lighter moments, played for humour without spoiling the haunting effect. At the same time, it did mean we were able to leave the theatre without fear of not being able to sleep!

I Met a Man Who Wasn’t There runs until Saturday, May 28, at 7.30pm daily with a Wednesday and Saturday matinée at 2.30pm.

Review by Elaine Hammond