Trojan Sound System head to Worthing’s St Paul’s

Trojan Sound System
Trojan Sound System

When times are tough, reggae can so often be a big part of the answer, reckons Daddy Ad who brings Trojan Sound System to Worthing’s St Paul’s on the Bank Holiday weekend, Friday, August 23.

London-based Trojan Sound System are an institution in Sound System culture. A legendary team of selecta (Daddy Ad) and vocalists, they relentlessly tour the globe, representing the most seminal reggae and ska record label in history.

Daddy Ad admits that reggae in the summer is a bit of a stereotype, but he’s been delighted to be part of its revival in this country.

“Really the entry point for me has got to be Bob Marley in my mid-teens. That’s when I started getting into it. The musicianship and the songs are just incredible, but more than anything really it is the message.

“The way I feel it is that it is telling a story through the music and trying to put across a message of positivity. It doesn’t mean that everybody has got to be happy, shiny, smiley people, but beautiful sounds and positive messages help get you through tough times. I think whenever struggles and crises come to the world, there can be something special that comes out. I think Jamaica to this day can be a very hard and cruel place with a lot of corruption, but reggae comes out.”

And there is plenty of corruption elsewhere: “It is not just the small countries. There are a lot of big countries that are corrupt. We have had the biggest protests in the country here and they have been ignored.”

For the past decade and a half, Trojan Sound System have spread their message of love and unity through the power of reggae in all of its forms and UK bass music, headlining club shows, captivating festival crowds and supporting Jamaican acts including The Wailers, Luciano, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Sly & Robby and the late Gregory Isaacs to featuring original recording artists on the Sound System, ranging from Big Youth to Dennis Alcapone to Eek A Mouse to Tappa Zukie to name but a few.

Trojan Sound System are the original crew that broke reggae music and culture back into contemporary clubs and festivals.

Transcending age, race and political barriers, Trojan Sound System aim to play music that satisfies the purest of vinyl collectors, while at the same time, introducing a new generation to the roots of Jamaican music and bass culture.

Mixing styles and flavours from the past 40 years, the Trojan crew are renowned party starters, ignited by uplifting vocals from MC trio; Supa4 Creation, Chucky Bantan & Jah Buck.

The satisfaction has been in seeing reggae re-emerge: “Our theory has always been that a lot of young people that love dancing and dance music love reggae. They just don’t know it yet!”

Trojan Sound System are working towards a new album.

Like their first album on the label, it will be featuring both classic and rare Trojan tracks, mixed live with special guest vocalists performing versions on riddims, live sound FX and capturing the magic and energy of Trojan Sound System live, but recorded in the studio.

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