Elles Bailey plays Portsmouth and Shoreham with new single

Elles Bailey
Elles Bailey

Elles Bailey plays Portsmouth and Shoreham on the back of her new single Deeper.

The song comes from her second album Road I Call Home which came out in March this year.

On October 17 she will play the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth (with Martin Harley); on October 18 she will play Shoreham’s Ropetackle (again with Martin Harley).

“It’s all been a crazy ride,” says Elles, delighted at the way the year has gone. “It is been crazy busy. I have just got back from America… and I think the jetlag is just really hitting me!

“But the album was all that I wanted it to be and more. When you write music or make music and you put it before the world, it is nerve-racking. My first record had done quite well and had quite a lot of critical acclaim and I was coming back with another one.

“I think it was a year between the two records coming out, but the second one was recorded only a few months after the first one came out.

““There was a much shorter gap, and then we delayed bringing it out a bit… but you are just thinking ‘I really hope people like the next one!’

“But I do feel there is a progression between the two, but that they work really well as a pair. I feel like the song-writing went deeper with the second album. It explored lots more feelings.

“My first record was an amalgamation of five years of working and doing gigs and trying to make a bit of a name for myself. And then suddenly it was recorded, and I was having to think about another album. And I wrote the second one in two months.

“I remember when the first one came out, people said ‘And for the second one?’, and I said ‘The first one has just come out and I am touring next year.’ I just didn’t know when I would manage the second one, but then eight months later, it was all finished, and it was like I didn’t really know how it had happened.

“But definitely it went a lot deeper. With the first one there were a lot of story songs in terms of a lot of tributes to people that had inspired me. I wrote a song about Janis Joplin.

“I was looking around me and at the things that had influenced me. But for the second album, it was all much more personal, much more about me and the experiences that I was having touring the first album.”

But it paid off beautifully.

The album charted in the UK Country Charts at number 13 and in the UK Americana Charts at number 24 and reached number one on the Amazon Blues Bestseller chart. Meanwhile, her track Medicine Man has just been added to the Spotify Country Rocks playlist.

Now it has spawned the single Deeper.

“I think Deeper is my favourite track on Road I Call Home. It was written with the superstar duo Dan Demay and Daryll Burgess, who co-wrote Same Flame with me on Wildfire.

“I’ve written a lot with Dan and Daryl and I love that we write something completely different every time we get together.

“Deeper was always a favourite of mine right from the beginning when it was written in September 2017 and I knew it was going to go on the record.

“It lived as a piano voice note for eight months. However in the studio it came alive and just became something so much better than I imagined. I’m so happy we decided to put horns on it too.... it just ooooozes with soul!”

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