Top Hat, The Mayflower, Southampton, until May 23.

Top Hat
Top Hat

Whether you’re celebrating the general election result or need cheering up in the wake of it, Top Hat – top show that it is – is the perfect night out.

The story, of course, is absolutely batty, based on endless misunderstandings and a sweet ‘n’ feisty gal who never quite manages to ask “So what’s your name then?”

But the story’s not the point. It’s the fun that matters, and there’s plenty of it, delivered with infectious energy and oodles of style, the dots joined up by glorious numbers and tap dancing to die for.

This is a show which manages to be incredibly polished and yet full of life, with a gorgeous performance from Charlotte Gooch as Dale Tremont and also from Alan Burkitt as Jerry Travers, the couple who do their best to delay their getting together. It was Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the movie - but no one’s short-changed here. Gooch and Burkitt ladle on the charm.

Meanwhile John Conroy is a hoot as Bates the butler and Sebastien Torkia hams it up fabulously as bonkers fashion designer Alberto Beddini, a guy just a little unlucky in love.

With music and lyrics by Irving Berlin, the numbers come thick and fast, ranging from the beautifully intimate to the dazzling synchronicity of the tap-dancing masses.

But it’s Cheek to Cheek you’ll take home with you, just a nose ahead of the others on a night of pure pleasure.

Phil Hewitt