GAMES: Serving up an ace on Apple

This week, Leisure Suit Larry is reloaded onto PC, Sega Superstars Tennis smashes onto Mac and Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear explodes onto Xbox 360. Meanwhile, over on iOS, Fish of Water and Riptide GP 2 make some waves.

Friday, 2nd August 2013, 10:00 am
Sega Superstars Tennis

Sega Superstars Tennis | Mac | Tennis | £15.99

Back when Andy Murray was but a twinkle in Wimbledon’s eye, Sega was rolling out its own superstars for some serious grass court action. And now, buoyed by the Scot’s recent triumph, Mac owners have the chance to display their own fantasy world bat and ball skills. OK, it’s never going to be a simulation of what it must really be like to strut out on Centre Court, but SST boasts 16 fans’ favourite characters from Sonic to NiGHTS, serving up fun and frolics with a melange of madcap mini-games. There are some cracking cameos and comical guest umpires from the developer’s rich gaming history, and it’s all smashing good fun for the whole family. Themed courts, special power-ups and four action packed tournaments give a sporting treat for the summer, safe in the knowledge that the true fantasy tennis scenario has already been realised, by Murray himself...


Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded | PC | Adventure | £15.99

Back in the early days of gaming, Leisure Suit Larry was akin to the controversial Grand Theft Auto, with its boundary-pushing content and adult-themed tongue-in-cheek adventure gaming. Re-imagined and most definitely reinvigorated for the 21st Century, Larry’s back, bringing with him expanded puzzles, locations, ladies, humour and classic adventure gameplay. Gorgeous hi-res, hand-drawn art and animation show off the man’s timeless and ‘irresistible’ face, though the virtual women he meets may not wholly agree. It’s naughty but nice, filled with innuendo, but always putting comedy ahead of the lewd and crude. For those who encountered this computer-based Casanova first time round, it will prove to be a triumphant return to the world of gaming’s most celebrated lounge lizard. While the whole concept may be showing its age a little, like Las Vegas, you’ve still got to give yourself a few days to revel in this hedonistic world.


Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear | Xbox 360 | Action | £19.99

Shattered Spear sounds a rally cry for more on-rails shooter action, catapulting 360 gamers onto the front lines and preventing the ultimate nightmare - nuclear Armageddon. Deep behind enemy lines, you’ll need to employ your wide selection of weapons including pistols, grenades, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, helicopters, tanks, and the mighty AC-130 to reach the baddie bases, dispatching any enemy that gets in your way. Controls quiver on occasions and rock you from an otherwise entertaining exercise in tethered target practice but - with an online leaderboard to compete with other players for the highest score, a competent co-operative mode and dozens of achievements to capture - there’s just about enough spice in this shooter to keep you gunning for more!


Riptide GP 2 | iOS | Racing | £1.99

Wave-based jet-ski racers have always had the additional difficulty of trying to replicate the rolling waves that terra firma simply doesn’t require. This challenges game developers to dive headfirst into the realms of aquatic accuracy, while also delivering a racer worthy of keeping your mobile thumbs on full throttle. Riptide GP 2 does an admirable job of keeping your battle against the wet and wild elements in-sync with the immediate job of staying ahead of the pack - and the addition of a cracking bag of stunts and special moves further enhance this unique racing experience. It’s tough, and frustrating at times, but stick with it and you’ll be rewarded with an excellent watersports wake-up call for your smartphone.


Fish Out of Water | iOS | Action | £0.69

The creators of Fruit Ninja and Jet Pack Joyride certainly know how to develop an addictive iOS title, with an apparently pointless (and endless) pastime as the premise. Once you’ve had your fill of slicing citrus or hovering for hours, why not fling different kinds of fish along the surface of the sea. The animal equivalent of pebble skimming, this becomes an instant hit as it becomes supercharged with a range of different finned friends to throw, each bringing their own airborne and underwater attributes. These skills, along with shifts in weather conditions and the collection of boost orbs, contribute to a tricky little teaser that’ll reel you in for hours of mindless amusement. The challenges come thick and fast, resulting in your progression to the next level, and ensuring that you’ll find yourself facing that ‘just one more go’ dilemma in the middle of the night. Quite probably your smartphone catch of the day...