Game review: Bang Bang Racing

When I was a kid the best thing to own was a SCALECTRIX racing game. I would spend hours watching my cars spin off on the corners, narrowly missing the cat, picking fluff from the contact brushes.

Wednesday, 20th June 2012, 2:58 pm

I loved banking the track up the settee and watching the cars struggling to get up and over.

Those were memorable days, until the cat had his revenge and relieved himself on the track. It never ran the same after that.

OK SCALECTRIX is still around and has a wide following, we all know that, so what do you do when you haven`t the space (or the patience) to set up the track?

Well, of course, you get a racing console game. Yes but where do you get that same sort of thrill? FORZA 4, DIRT 3 and F1 are all well and good, but they are more simulators.

Well look no longer my friends because DIGITAL REALITY and PLAYBOX have come up with the answer, BANG BANG RACING, a top down view racing game that is quirky, fun and a great homage to all those classic racing games like SUPER SPRINT and R.C.PRO–AM.

It’s been out on Android for a while now as BANG BANG RACING THD and now it finally comes to XBLA®, PSN® and WINDOWS®.

With four different race car classes, N-DURA, EVO GT, PROTECH and APEX, there’s plenty of variety, including 20 cars, different liveries and nine courses with over 50 different configurations.

With a nice split screen multi-player option BANB BANG RACING is a barrel load of fun.

The objective of the game is pretty simple, just finish first! Easier said than done because this racer is not that easy.

It’s an adrenalin fuelled race to the line and with plenty of action, including exploding barrels and serious twists and turns.

The controls are straight forward, with the right and left trigger operating the gas and brake, and the A button operating the turbo, which does replenish as you go along.

Talking of the turbo, you can only use this in short bursts, so learn to use it wisely. The steering is done with the left stick and takes a few goes to get used too.

BANG BANG RACING might look like a push over but you have to really put some effort in if you want to win. Getting in first place is easy, staying there is the problem. The AI cars are totally unforgiving, and you really have to concentrate if you want that podium spot.

The more you crash, the more damage you do, the slower your car goes. This can be sorted easily enough with a quick run through the pit area; just remembering to do it in the middle of an hectic final lap is another.

The graphics are great and the whole game has a fun look to it, reminds me of MICRO MACHINES a few years ago.

The one thing I was disappointed with, though, is the lack of online play. OK if you have four controllers (who doesn`t?) or your mates can remember to bring their own, then multi-playing with friends is out the window.


BANG BANG RACING for me is brilliant racing game, full of fun and excitement. Even as a single player it does the job, just a pity that it hasn`t any online play. The multiplay is also fun but a little hit and miss, but still fun on a wet afternoon (of which there has been plenty lately).

I give BANG BANG RACING 8 out of 10 because it is a fun game and worth the money, just the lack of online play lets it down.

Bang Bang Racing

Developer: Playbox, Digital Reality

Publisher: Digital Reality

Xbox 360®(XBLA)

Playstation 3®(PSN)



Genre: Racing

Release Date: 6th June 2012