VIDEO: Worthing bids farewell to men’s national bowls

WORTHING waved goodbye to the Men’s National Bowling Championships on Sunday when the Tony Allcock Trophy brought to an end two weeks of competition.

Thursday, 29th August 2013, 7:00 am
W35702H13 The Last Middleton Cup Bowls Final to Be Played at Barch House Park Worthing on Saturday

Sun shone on the final day as a handful of people watched Kent side Bromley lift the Tony Allcock Trophy – a competition for bowlers aged 65 and over – with a 43-38 win against Broadway, from Worcestershire.

That was the last-ever national event to take place at Beach House Park after 40 years of the competition running in Worthing, ahead of the move to Leamington Spa, which already hosts the women’s championships, next year.

Speaking about this year’s championships, Bowls England chief executive Tony Allcock said: “It’s a lovely day to finish the championships with, after a deluge of rain came down yesterday.

W35702H13 The Last Middleton Cup Bowls Final to Be Played at Barch House Park Worthing on Saturday

“The place was buzzing yesterday for the Middleton Cup but today is always a quiet day.

“It’s quite nice that I was here for the first day of the championships in Worthing 40 years ago and I’m here today, on the last day.

“It’s a nice way to finish. We had a nice evening with past mayors and councillors and the mayor in the week and it was a really upbeat evening.

“Bowls England presented representatives of the council with a really nice crystal model of Beach House Park to thank the council for everything they have done.”

Allcock admits he is sad to be leaving Worthing but is now planning ahead for the championships moving to Leamington Spa, and said: “It’s going to be a challenge.

“It’s sad to be leaving Worthing but I’m not as sad as I thought I would be – after 31 days of running things.

“It would be nice to pick up the venue at Beach House Park and move it into the middle of the country – that would be a perfect situation but Leamington has its advantages, too.

“In any sport, you need change sometimes but change is always difficult. But it was a majority decision and I still think it’s the right one for the sport.”

Click on the video above to watch some action from the Tony Allcock Trophy - the last-ever national competition to be played for at Beach House Park.