Harty on England’s Euro 2012 hopes and Paul Barber

FRANKLY, anyone who stops Harry Redknapp from getting the England manager’s job is good enough for me. But, besides that, Roy Hodgson’s perceived image will actually help our Euro 2012 campaign.

Friday, 1st June 2012, 11:00 am

Whether we like it or not, as a nation we are sometimes deluded – look at Eurovision. Never mind Englebert, Sir Cliff himself would have struggled in that political minefield that fronts as a song contest.

I’m as guilty as the next fan, we all have a habit of going into tournaments thinking we can win, we can do this and that. Some, at the times when England fail to qualify for a finals, say it detracts from the event because we’re not there.

When looking at world football, use a Premier League analogy. What Premier League side best describes England on the world stage?

Are we a Man City, Man Utd or Arsenal?

Probably not. As things stand now, we’re probably a Fulham or even West Bromwich. Teams that are steady ,can hold their own, and, at times, find some great form, as the Cottagers showed when they reached the Europa League final a couple of years ago.

The link, and some might say advantage, is that which manager got the best out of these two club sides?

Yes, Roy Hodgson, so, therefore, I actually find myself more contented and, dare I say, confident going into the Euros because we have without doubt, in my opinion, the man best equipped for the job.

The obvious difference between the Premier League and the Euros is that one is over nine months and 38 games, the other is over in under a month and six games. Without stating the obvious, worse sides than England, at both club and national level, have strung together six results and won a trophy.

Why can’t it be England’s turn this time? It must be the hot weather, my delusions coming back . . .

While for reasons stated in this column previously, I was hoping that Gordon Smith got the CEO’s job at the Amex, this week’s appointment of Paul Barber to succeed Ken Brown is very much a step in the right direction for the Albion.

An impressive CV taking in the FA, Spurs and most recently Vancouver Whitecaps in the MLS, clearly indicate that he is the right man for the job.

We all know the Albion have Premier League ambitions, what better way to achieve them off the field by being headed up by a man who knows the territory.

Local young goalkeeper Bradley House is an example to every aspiring young footballer in this town.

He began his career between the sticks at the tender age of six with Worthing United and, in time, was scouted by Portsmouth and signed on youth terms.

It is a game of opinions, and, unfortunately, Bradley was released. His world didn’t fall apart and he didn’t cop a strop, he just went back to United and played with his mates again and got on with working hard and developing his game.

Clearly that hard work has now been rewarded because after a period training with Charlton Athletic, he was spotted by Arsenal who have offered him the chance to sign for them.

Case in point, a setback is merely a set-up for a comeback whatever your age. Congratulations, Bradley.