Harty on... Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory

OVER the years the BBC has lost some of its greatest sporting jewels; Test Cricket, The FA Cup final, The Derby and The Grand National, yet it will still retain one of the greatest moments in British sporting history.

Saturday, 13th July 2013, 9:00 am
Andy Murray

I’m knocking 50 next year and I can never recall witnessing a better sporting moment on the Beeb than I did on Sunday afternoon.

Andy Murray’s Wimbledon singles win was quite simply amazing, and something I doubt anyone with any interest in it will ever forget.

I say anyone with any interest because despite Murray being the first British male player to win the title in 77 years and the first-ever in the modern era, there is still a very small minority of detractors for Dunblane’s favourite son.

It all apparently stems from his remarks regarding England’s World Cup campaign in 2006. There’s no doubt that his remark, whether a joke or not, was taken, by some, as a slur and it’s been an uphill struggle for him in certain quarters ever since.

Perhaps his critics should remember a number of things, at the time he was only 19 years old and had a microphone stuck under his nose by a member of the press that asked a leading question, and prior to the question a member of the press had made a disparaging comment about the Scottish football team, not difficult I know, but all mitigating circumstances.

The anti-Murray brigade argument is seriously flawed, he is without doubt a sporting great, there has been talk of a knighthood after his success on Sunday something which I’ve heard a number of his critics rubbish, but to my mind it has to happen.

His performance throughout the championship, his resilience, his never-say-die attitude and the way he despatched the world number one to win the title, is everything our youngsters in this country, whatever sport they do, should aspire to.

Yes, his passport says he’s born in Scotland, but that’s the same for Sean Connery, Ronnie Corbett and the Krankies but I don’t see the same kind of vitriolic bile thrown at those indivduals.

He is also British, and like the nation he represents, a Great Britain. . .

And finally, I can’t let this week’s column finish without mentioning a very important event taking place at Ferring Football Club this Sunday.

The Ryan Chapman Cup and family fun day, starts from 9am and is taking place to celebrate very special young man, remembering all the things he loved best, football, family and fun.

It involves a 32-team male football tournament as well as a ladies’ competition, alongside lots for the youngsters to do – face painting, tea cup rides and other stalls.

All proceeds from the day go towards the trust fund set up for Ryan, and if you can get along and support this very special event, then please do.