Johnny Cantor / Will Brighton's Neal Maupay or Aaron Connolly surpass Glenn Murray’s tally and reach 15 goals?

By Johnny Cantor

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 1:01 pm
Brighton and Hove Albion striker Neal Maupay scored his fourth goal of the season against Everton

It happens every year. “So Johnny, give us a prediction!” I rarely get it right but I don’t mind of course.

This year I punted on air that a Brighton and Hove Albion player would score 15 or more Premier League goals for the first time.

The evergreen Glenn Murray has come close with 13 and 12 League goals. In fact Jamie Vardy is the only player outside the “big six” (which actually was the top six) to reach the tally in those two seasons.

Go a little further back and the names Llorente, Defoe, King and yes even Benteke has done it. So why not?

My hunch was that the more progressive attacking style of Graham Potter would provide more chances and therefore more goals. Murray is now 36 and the mantle appears to have been handed to Neal Maupay and Aaron Connolly.

This week on the Albion Unlimited former Seagulls striker Warren Aspinall pointed out that a return of one in four for Maupay is a pretty good return so far in your first year in the top flight.

That ratio may not get you to 15 but his tenacity, determination and application have been exemplary. To be honest though he probably should have had more.

He has had 29 shots so far and may feel himself he should have a better return. Working against him though is that he is so keen to help the team.

That isn’t a bad thing and his manager knows it. The Frenchman told me he doesn’t care who scores as long as they win. There’s that attitude again.

There’s more to come I think from the diminutive forward. And then there is Connolly. Bursting onto the scene the 19-year-old has a youthful hunger, unrelenting pace and a lethal finish.

He may even outscore his teammate this season but we can be sure that if one takes the chances presented this season they could well surpass Murray’s total of the last two seasons.

If both fire on all cylinders it could be a very exciting time for Albion supporters. Now I don’t often get it right and this year may the same, as I said, it happens every year.

However, if a player does reach 15, I’m just glad I didn’t say which one!

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