'Wind-up' West Sussex Invitation League meeting set to take place

The final all-club meeting of the West Sussex Invitation Cricket League will be held at Southwater Cricket Club on Monday.

Saturday, 15th September 2018, 8:30 am
The West Sussex Invitation League 'wind-up' meeting will take place on Monday

This will include an extraordinary general meeting that will wind-up the league after 40 seasons to become part of the new-look Sussex League. Also involved are the Sussex Premier League, East Sussex League and Mid Sussex League, with 2018 having been a transitional season in which the four leagues’ officers and committees still had control of their own affairs.

The WSICL had commenced with ten clubs’ first and second XIs in separate competitions back in 1979, rising to 36 until losing 15 (30 teams) to the SPL’s new divisions 4 East and West, compared to only five from the East Sussex League for the 2008 season.

Left with 22 clubs in 2008, the following year brought the merger with the West Sussex League, with the teams forming a single competition from 2010. Membership reached 99 teams on two occasions.

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