Proposal to remove obligation to provide cricket teas is DEFEATED in re-vote

Sussex Cricket League teams have voted against the proposal to remove the obligation of the home Club to provide teas in the 2021 season.

Wednesday, 2nd December 2020, 1:55 pm

On Monday. the 1st Central Sussex Cricket League passed a motion removing the obligation for clubs to provide a cricket tea. And the decision got national publicity with the BBC, The Times, Piers Morgan and former England captain Michael Vaughan all picking up on the story.

And after a backlash to how the voting was cast initially, league chairman Gary Stanley said they had no choice but to do a re-vote by email.

And today (Wednesday), in a letter to all clubs, Stanley said: "On behalf of the Executive Committee, I can now confirm to you that, following the re-vote, the proposal to remove the obligation of the home Club to provide teas in the 2021 season has been defeated. For the avoidance of doubt, the rules around teas are therefore UNCHANGED from current rules. This is of course subject to any restrictions that may be imposed due to Covid, which we hope will not be the case.

"The results were as follows: - To remind you, Clubs with one or two teams counted as one vote, those with three or more teams counted as two. Of 209 possible votes, 82 were cast FOR the proposal, 114 AGAINST, with 6 abstentions and 7 no votes. Purely in terms of numbers of Clubs, 55 voted FOR, 80 AGAINST, with 4 abstaining and 6 clubs not voting.

"For the sake of clarity, votes received from Clubs who did not attend the AGM were equally for and against in the re-vote, therefore the decision to allow those Clubs to vote did not influence the result.

"The main driver for the change in result is that a material number of Clubs who attended the AGM but did not object have now voted AGAINST the proposal.

"If any Club would like to see the results of the re-vote by Club, please request by e-mail via your League Rep and we will provide them.

"As you know, the Executive Committee did not propose this change and, quite properly, did not express a preference during the voting process. However, we recognise that this is an important subject going forward, with valid opinions on both sides. We will be continuing the discussion with Clubs over the winter and into next season to try to find a solution that suits everyone. We ask for your assistance in these efforts.

"Finally, I would like to thank those Clubs who have shown their support to the Executive Committee during this process, it is greatly appreciated."