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x It is a shame Irene Reed has to resort to trying to make cheap political points, especially with something as serious as the potential loss of facilities at our hospitals.

Where was she when we fought so hard to try to save Southlands? Having lost the battle to save the Harness Block, we now find our other major hospital may be under threat.

The West Sussex County Council health and adult social care select committee (HASC) made it very clear to the Coastal Commissioning Group that we were not satisfied with the way the decision had been taken and indicated that there should be a full impact survey before there is any further progress on their plans to award the MSK service contract to BUPA.

I am encouraged that Western Sussex Hospitals Trust and the CCG are collaborating on this impact survey.

HASC cannot stop the CCG from going through with their plans, we can only challenge their decision and ultimately, if our concerns are not answered satisfactorily, we can refer the matter to the Minister of Health. Certainly, I and others challenged the current decision.

If she reads the article by Elaine Hammond (Herald, November 20), she will find that the Adur and Worthing joint overview and scrutiny committee had called Mr Curthoys, chief of corporate affairs for Coastal West Sussex, to answer questions concerning the lack of community beds in Adur and the difficulty orthopaedic patients have in getting to early-morning appointments at Chichester Hospital.

I was again very vocal concerning our lack of community beds in Adur and the problems this causes to the wellbeing of patients, when loved ones find travelling by public transport difficult. The same goes when having to travel to Chichester

I pointed out that I was going to undertake a series of journeys by public transport, using my bus pass and starting from the furthest reaches of Adur district, where the buses tend to go to Brighton rather than places to the west. Mr Curthoys rose to the challenge and will accompany me.

For the record, long-arranged business commitments kept me from attending the public meeting, otherwise I would have been there.

Rod Hotton

councillor, St Mary’s Ward



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