Worthing Remembrance Day turnout inspires idea to raise money for tribute to First World War injured

How wonderful it was to see the thousands of people who gathered at the Worthing War Memorial, as well as the vast numbers who attended the national Remembrance Day commemoration.

I, like many, were educated of the ‘horrors of war’ by poets such as Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon and Edward Blunden and more recently by Peter Jackson’s painstakingly restored World War One footage in ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’.

Remembrance Sunday service at Worthing Town Hall. Pic: Eddie Mitchell SUS-181211-140205001

Remembrance Sunday service at Worthing Town Hall. Pic: Eddie Mitchell SUS-181211-140205001

During the Remembrance service, Tom Wye spoke of not only the number of local servicemen who had been killed in World War One but also of the vast number of military who had returned to Worthing suffering from both physical and mental injuries, many dying within months of reaching home.

Would it be possible to raise money (e.g., via a crowdfunding page) for a fitting tribute that would not only publicly acknowledge their names but also honour their sacrifice?

Lesley James

Sackville Road, Worthing


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