Worthing a more suitable location for Rampion wind farm centre

It is a great pity Rampion chose Shoreham’s Ropetackle Centre as the venue for last week’s interesting presentation on the archaeological studies done underwater and along the cable route of their wind farm project.

The venue was too small and many people had to be turned away.

Final turbine installation at Rampion wind farm

Final turbine installation at Rampion wind farm

Worthing has a number of larger and more suitable venues and wouldn’t Worthing have been more appropriate anyway?

It’s been impacted much more by Rampion’s work than Shoreham – both by the onshore and offshore activities associated with the construction of the wind farm.

In the event, it proved to be an interesting account of the geology and archaeology of the cable route and a fascinating insight to the remains of shipwrecks and crashed planes within the wind-turbine area.

I presume this information will form part of the display in Rampion’s permanent visitor centre, which Rampion is planning to locate on Brighton seafront. Worthing is being shunned again.

Wouldn’t such a centre have made a great addition to Brooklands, where the cable comes ashore, as part of a major revamp of the park?

What a fantastic visitor attraction this would have been and such a great asset for local residents, and particularly local schools, as a resource to see the practical side of energy generation from wind – something they will be looking out on for the next 20 or more years.

Councillor Jim Deen

Harrow Road



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