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Your letters

I live in Mouse Lane, Steyning, and a few of us have been fighting the cutting down of trees and greenery on the south side of the stream that runs along the back of our gardens, and then on to The Star pub.

When the owners threatened to cut all the trees and foliage down, we wrote to the council, the Environment Agency, Woods Mill and others to try to stop this but to no avail.

Devastation was wreaked a few weeks ago and the wildlife and trees have gone.

I would really like to show the before and after pictures to show what happens when too few people care (see above and far right).

The concern we had firstly was the enormous amount of wildlife that uses the habitat around the stream. We have many pictures of the swans, ducks, birds, salmon, etc.

The occupants of several properties in Mouse Lane were concerned about the cutting of the habitat.

The second reason was the exposure of the back garden opposite on to our gardens. The trees had been there for many, many years.

It seems there is nothing that can be done to stop people’s destruction of the stream’s natural habitat.

We wrote to many people to try to stop the cutting down process but no one was able to help.

I guess really now the extraordinary damage has been carried out, there is nothing we can do but we were hoping to have it shown in the newspaper.

Hopefully, no one else will be able to do this to the stream that Steyning is so proud off and that runs through the village.

Janet Elphick

Mouse Lane


• Editor’s note: Horsham District Council said it was approached in August, 2013, to assess the trees in question, on the southern side of the stream, as a result of the property owner wanting to remove foliage along the stream side.

“The foliage in question did not meet the required criteria for protection by a Tree Preservation Order. There was therefore no action available to protect this foliage. These facts were explained by Horsham District Council to the residents at the time.”

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