Where is logic?

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Your letters

Many thanks for the article re Southlands Hospital (Herald, January 22).

I considered that to sell off such a much-needed resource defied logic when you take into account that Worthing Hospital was on Black Alert in A&E with a massive demand for hospital beds a week ago, plus a massive public outcry.

So what do they do in Adur? They vote in favour of selling off Southlands Hospital. Where is the logic?

One major consideration was that the NHS is going to donate £1million to the trust if they sell the site before March. This beggars belief. If the NHS can afford to donate that sort of money, why not invest in refurbishing Southlands Hospital, creating jobs and preserving the medical resource for the future?

That is why I voted against the application for the Southlands site.

We in Adur have an ageing population and a population explosion (‘bulge’). When you consider this and take into account the emerging Adur Local Plan with hundreds of new houses being built and hundreds of new resident families needing medical support, where is the infrastructure to support the demand for hospital beds?

The medical infrastructure in Adur is now bursting at the seams. In three or four years time, we will be looking for a site to build a new hospital to cope with the demand!

What happened to forward planning and future strategies?

Cllr Geoff Patmore

a member of the

planning committee

Adur District Council

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