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Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men, often referred to as ‘Chancs’, are trying to contact a man they met on Boxing Day.

We met a man who was quite interested in joining us, and he even gave us his name and email address so we could tell him more about us and our winter practice.

I shoved the enquiry slip into my shirt pocket with a £10 note – spare beer money – so a safe place!

To my horror, I found that my shirt went into the wash overnight.

The £10 note came out OK, but the enquiry slip was ruined.

So, if you are the man that was talking to ‘Chancs’ at the mumming play and morris dancing at The Frankland Arms in Washington on Boxing Day, we would love to hear from you again.

Clive Funnell

bagman, Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men


01273 494377

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