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Your letters

So, we are now told by Tim Loughton that ‘common sense has broken out’ in the MSK saga (Herald, December 18).

Mr Loughton also informs us that he has been involved in lots of talks with various different committees.

I wonder whether, during these talks, anyone mentioned to Mr Loughton that the reason this whole farce started in the first place was because he voted for a Health and Social Care Act that mass privatises the NHS?

Or that, against opposition from the medical establishment (the British Medical Association asked the Government to withdraw the Health and Social Care Bill), the coalition government pushed through an unnecessary and unwanted act to allow private companies to make money out of people’s illnesses?

Common sense would not have need to prevail had his party not sought to privatise our NHS. What he should do is apologise for his role in this mess.

David Skidmore

NHS worker for 17 years

Havelock Road

Bognor Regis

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