Under siege

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Your letters

I find it incredible that the Friends of the Memorial Playing Field (FoMPF) continue their three-year vendetta against Steyning Parish Council’s skate park plan (Herald, August 14).

The Local Audit and Accountability Act does not prevent councils holding closed meetings when necessary. Linking the council’s meeting with this act and claiming it is ‘secret’ is mischievious, particularly when the notice of the meeting was publicly displayed.

There are many occasions when closed meetings are essential.

Residents who voted in favour of the skate park in the Memorial Playing Field are becoming more alarmed by the actions of this group.

We are particularly concerned at the intemperate language some members of the group use when addressing the parish council.

The FoMPF are the same group who said the council should abide by the poll result, until they discovered they had lost.

I would like to see Steyning residents come out in numbers to lend their support to our councillors, who are increasingly feeling they are under siege.

Mike Kelly

Kings Stone Avenue


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