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Your letters

I should just like to thank the Steyning Herald and West Sussex County Times for reporting the fact the Steyning Parish Council meeting on August 11 was closed to the general public and the press.

They were both very balanced reports that gave the opportunity to Steyning Parish Council to respond, which they did.

The West Sussex County Times, in particular, has campaigned strongly for more openness, transparency and honesty in local politics.

Steyning Parish Council held an identical meeting on August 19, which was again closed to the public and the press. One of the subject areas was simply about the quantity of correspondence that they are receiving from the public and why that particular discussion needs to be held in secret is difficult to understand.

If the council was more open and transparent on the MPF skate park project, then the amount of correspondence would be minimal but they are not.

My own and other Steyning residents’ view is that the council is using this mechanism to circumvent the August 6 ‘right to report’ act, although naturally the council deny that to be the case.

Trevor Cree

Jarvis Lane


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