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Mike Thomas may have admitted that there will be major impact on local roads during the so-called ‘music festival’ in June, but he apparently hopes the event will grow and grow and ‘bring a lot of money to Shoreham’.

Can anyone tell me how Shoreham and Lancing (don’t let’s forget that the airport is in Lancing) will benefit financially from this event?

Many attendees will be brought by bus from Worthing and Brighton direct to the airport. No chance there for extra spending.

Those coming by car will be directed to Adur Recreation Ground and thence on foot to the entrance. It seems unlikely that they will first go shopping in Shoreham.

Once inside the airport, they will not be allowed to go back out unless they are leaving the event. All the refreshments will be provided on site by franchised firms already contracted by the organisers. What will be the benefit to the local economy?

Reading Mr Thomas’s comments (Shoreham Herald, March 19), one might assume that only Old Shoreham Road will be affected by the ‘festival’ traffic. Why would he think that only Shoreham residents should prepare themselves for busy roads?

The A259 is congested on normal days with local traffic trying to get eastward over Norfolk Bridge and going west is becoming almost as difficult. It only takes a minor hold-up on Shoreham High Street or between Lancing and Worthing to cause traffic chaos for the whole stretch.

The approved attendance for this year will be double that allowed for the annual airshow. Those residents of Lancing whose only access to their homes is via the A259 between South Street, Lancing, and Ropetackle, Shoreham, have nowhere else they can go and the weekend of June 6 and 7 will see us virtually trapped.

I understand that someone in Adur Council, not knowing about approved decibel ratings for different venues, put a 75 decibel maximum on the airport event, whereas it should only be 65 decibels for the size and surroundings.

How does Mr Thomas (and Adur councillors as a group) think residents who live in the immediate vicinity of the airport are going to enjoy the weekend? Many of us are appalled at the thought of being bombasted with noise all day and far into the night, when we will not be able to sleep with windows open even though it will be June.

There are thousands of residents who live in and around the airport and we have many concerns about this event.

We elect councillors to represent us and we expect them to consult their electorate when taking decisions of this magnitude, not keep it quiet until just before the licence is due to be discussed.

What we seem to have is a majority of councillors who take decisions on behalf of everyone without consultation. This was very clearly a done deal before anyone was told about it outside the lead group on Adur Council.

Please do not tell me that the organisers are holding a ‘public consultation’. That meeting was set up like a school parents’ evening, with each table answering questions on one subject only to each separate questionner. It was arranged so that no one would be able to hear or challenge publicly what is being said – a complete waste of time.

Mrs W. Dowse

West Way


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