Too many rules

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Your letters

What is wrong with society of today? We have far more rules and regulations then anywhere else in the world.

We can all enjoy the future gas bills of £5 to £40 per month (depending on what you use now) and yet the so-called do-gooders of the world, i.e. Donna Hume and anti-fracking, want us all to carry on paying a very high price for gas.

What do all these do-gooders do with their homes? Do they all use wood burning stoves and burn natural candles made from animal fat for lighting?

Why do you think we are all paying so much less for petrol and heating oil now? Within five to seven years, it could be even better with low gas. It’s because China doesn’t want so much fuel and the USA is now producing so much more.

One final comment is that I’ve read papers about fracking and the estimates for the amount under the whole of Great Britain is enough to keep us going for 480 years, and that is allowing for a ten per cent increase per year, every year. I don’t think I’ll be around in 480 years, but you never know.

Mark Flower

Holmbush Close


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