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Your letters

For a long while now, I have pondered over where GPs stand in the case of the closure of Southlands as a hospital. Their voices are noticeable by their absence. Do they really care?

I would have thought the welfare of their patients would be paramount once they had no choice but to be referred to hospital for treatment. That they would show some concern on how patients without transport, family or friends would manage to get to say Chichester, Haywards Heath or Bognor.

Travel to these towns is, for elderly family and friends, a very tiring, gruelling and expensive journey. Patients staying in these far distant places would thus be deprived of visitors from this group of people.

As two elderly folk in their late 80s said: “It took us all day to get to Chichester and back on the bus. We were exhausted.”

Well, unfortunately, it seems our hospital has been taken from us.

Surely enough land could be held back for a much-needed community beds unit? This could be used for discharged patients from acute beds, freeing those beds and allowing the patients time for return to a fit state to their own homes?

The people of Shoreham and Southwick appear to be getting a pretty raw deal!

So, surely the income from the sales could be used in a kinder and more caring fashion?

Roberta Edwards



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