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Given that cycling is unlawful on public footpaths but is, obversely, council-sanctioned on Adur Ferry Bridge, isn’t it only a matter of time before some toddler – unaware of danger – dashes across to look out of the ‘window’ on the other side and collides with horrific consequences with one of the many cyclists exercising their apparent right to travel at whatever speed takes their fancy?

Is there actually a speed limit for cyclists on Adur Ferry Bridge and if so, shouldn’t notices advising of this be on display?

In addition, mindful of how pathetically ineffective such signs were on the old footbridge, wouldn’t one of those road signs which flashes up a timely speed limit reminder be well justified, possibly positioned at the bridge longitudinal centre point and set to activate at no more than 15mph?

The suggestion made on this letters page on October 2, calling for a cycle lane, would only work if a hand rail were also to be erected along the entire length of the bridge.

Segregation by painted white line alone would simply make the present situation worse. A line of paint still wouldn’t protect a small child and all council officials know that an established cycle lane has the unfortunate effect upon too many cyclists of being synonymous with a God-given, speed limit free, right of passage, something we don’t want on Adur Ferry Bridge.

As it is already a minor miracle no one has been injured to date and, as one of the taxpayers who will help to foot the bill for any successful compensation claim which may ensue, I do wonder what the legal position is for a council that allows cyclists unfettered use of what is basically a designated public footpath, with no signage whatsoever, encouraging cyclists to reduce speed to the minimum when funnelled into close proximity with pedestrians.

Our shiny new bridge really should have come with a health warning.

Colin Burgoyne



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