Time to move on

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Your letters

Many people in Steyning are clearly very disappointed that their plan to locate a skate park in the Memorial Playing Field has suffered a major, if not terminal, set-back.

However, for Steyning Parish Council to describe those who support the interests of the 703 residents who voted against the project as a ‘protest group’ is disrespectful.

The ‘democratic vote’ the council chooses to emphasise time and time again was for a March, 2013, skatepark design that no longer exists. Gone are the noise-retaining bunds, gone is the disabled access and so on.

If there is any small ‘protest group’ in Steyning, it is the 19 governors and the headmaster of Steyning Grammar School, who will not release a small hop, skip and a jump area of land that would enable a skate park to be built at Steyning Leisure Centre, previously recommended for approval by the Horsham planning department.

Hopefully, they will reconsider and thereby make a major contribution to the community. And if all else fails, a ‘state-of-the-art’ skate park should be the very first item on the Steyning Neighbourhood Plan that is at this very moment being developed. It really is time to move on.

Trevor Cree

Jarvis Lane


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