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Your letters

Thank you for the marvellous Matchgirls musical review which came out in the Shoreham Herald on Thursday, November 20.

I played the part of George Bernard Shaw, which came across as the only disapointing aspect of the show: “Roy Riggs was a little bumbling as George Bernard Shaw and although the fact he was Irish was mentioned in his lines, he did not have a hint of an Irish accent.”

I would like to point out that Shaw moved to England at an early age and never spoke with even a hint of an Irish accent. He was descended from Scottish aristocratic ancestry and spoke perfect English with an upperclass English accent.

Downloading any of his many speeches from YouTube or other will prove this. Also, in the original Broadway cast recording of the musical The Frogs, Shaw both spoke and sang in upper class English without a trace of Irish accent and was not criticised for it.

Also there was one section in the second act when Shaw was trying to make polite conversation with the unexpected arrival of Kate. As scripted, Shaw felt uncomfortable and a little embarrassed in her company as he did not have much experience in mixing with the lower class and was therefore stumbling to find polite conversation during the early part of the tea scene.

Yet this was also picked up as a negative aspect of my performance and was in clear contrast to the clear diction of the rest of my performance.

Perhaps if the writer of the review did a little homework before reviewing The Matchgirls, this may have been avoided. What is left, however, I feel is an unjust and unfounded criticism of my performance for which I have to suffer the indignity of those who read your review, relatives and friends.

Your review came across as an excellent musical production except for the poor acting of myself, who played the part of George Bernard Shaw.

Roy Riggs

Coleridge Street


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