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Who do the Friends of Memorial Playing Field (FoMPF) think they are? Now they are calling on our Steyning Parish Council to resign (letters, September 11), because they claim the council has racked up thousands of pounds on fees and administrative costs.

Perhaps residents should ask the FoMPF to resign and stop their undemocratic behaviour.

FoMPF have spent the last three years attacking the council. They have loaded them with hundreds of Freedom of Information demands, letters and litigation. Residents need to be aware of this and it is where much of the financial burden has fallen on the council.

All this litigation and attacks, both on councillors and anyone who dares to oppose them, needs to be stopped now. Every allegation against the council has been rejected and dismissed by the courts. The council has been forced to defend themselves and their reputations from these unwarranted attacks. They have had to employ additional administrative assistance to deal with the extra burden of correspondence arriving daily in their trays. This has cost the town financially and the staff emotionally.

The FoMPF have the temerity to ask the council to resign when they are the culprits and should be ashamed of their behaviour. They attack anyone who stands in their way, including the head teacher and governors of Steyning Grammar School, The Wilson Trust (who have pledged money for the MPF skate park) and even individuals in the community who dare to challenge them.

John Catchpole, in an interview on Radio Sussex, described the town poll which voted in favour of the MPF skate park as ‘irrelevant’. What a lack of respect for a democratic decision and the residents of the town. That shows what they think of democracy.

God help us if they succeed in driving out our hard-working, well-respected councillors who have worked tirelessly for the benefit of the community, including our non-voting young people.

Our young people must stand by and watch and wonder if all adults are like this. I can assure them they are not and I believe the council will continue to work on your behalf. We trust our young folk and hope we can soon overcome these setbacks.

If the costs the FoMPF complain about help to eventually rid this town of these mean-minded attitudes, it will have been well spent. The town is already angry about what is happening to our once happy, united community. It is difficult enough to get well-intentioned people to stand for the council, how much more difficult will it be with these constant attacks and demeaning attitude to one’s efforts? I can only imagine the stress the council is undergoing.

I would ask residents to write in large numbers to support our council during ths difficult time. We must all rally round and rid the town of attitudes which are alien to Steyning. I fear for the future of the town if the elections next year bring any of these people on to the council.

Now may be the time for our council to seek legal advice. I know of hundreds of residents who support you and are only too willing to stand with you. They need to know exactly what is going on. We must not let our wonderful community be corrupted.

Mike Kelly

Kings Stone Avenue


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