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Your letters

As the parents of Melanie Humphreys, who was injured on Southwick Rec, we would like to thank the firefighters and the ambulance crews who dealt with the incident.

Melanie had superb care and is now recovering in hospital.

We would also like to thank all the many kind people who have helped with lifts, visits, dog care and walks and looking after the family.

So many people have given so much time and effort that we cannot thank them individually. We are extremely grateful.

In these days when we read so many nasty stories of people being nasty we tend to forget that almost all the population are kind and generous. Thank you all.

Melanie will continue to need all her friends when she comes out as it will take some time to recover completely.

I know the other lady, Viv, is also recovering from a very similar injury. Hopefully, they will both be home soon.

Roy and Susanna Humphreys

Meadow Road


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