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Your letters

Another from Mishon Menace! On Sunday morning, June 29, we were having a coffee sitting outside La Galleria in the pedestrianised East Street, Shoreham, about 11.30am when, much to our surprise, two wardens appeared. Not one but two...on a Sunday!

Outside the NatWest Bank, builders were working finishing off the excellent interior of the bank’s new decorations. To do this, as we all appreciate, builders need a van for their equipment (Adur Council, are you taking notice?).

Of the two wardens, one male, the other female, the man appeared very aggressive to the builders, demanding to know why the van was there, and didn’t wish to listen to obvious reasons. He said if he didn’t move the van immediately, he would be booked. This is a Sunday, remember. The warden stood his ground and waited until the builder moved his van.

This is why, in my opinion, this country is in such a state, with a council that doesn’t care, as long as they could get money from people parking doing their job, and on a Sunday.

Isn’t it about time Shoreham got shot of wardens who are spoiling what is a most delightful and peaceful town and brings in the tourists?

If the council carries on with this money-grabbing action, we won’t have tourists, who spend money in the town.

I am sure this letter will be like water off a duck’s back with these little back room nine to five workers.

I shall continue, when I can, bringing my thoughts for such injustice to this great newspaper, hoping that some people will back what I say.

Barry Mishon


Shoreham Beach

Editor’s note: A spokesman for Adur District Council said: “The East Street parking restrictions are in place seven days a week to keep the newly pedestrianised area accessible for all.

“Adur District Council, however, has still received a large number of complaints about vehicles parking in the street for extended periods.

“Our civil enforcement officers are rigorously enforcing the restrictions where they suspect that a vehicle could have finished its business and be moved away.”

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