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On Saturday, March 14, I went to see my mother, a long-term resident of Buci Crescent in Shoreham, and was appalled and angered at the behaviour of some of the residents of this road.

My cause for a great deal of concern was the selfish and inconsiderate actions of many of its residents (and some non-residents, I might add) regarding parking of their cars, parking on the pavement and on the edge of both the islands, parking on the bend in the road.

I know people have more than one car but to park where an obstruction is caused is just not on and at most times, illegal.

This particular Saturday, there were three cars parked on the pavement, limiting access to pedestrians to using the road to continue their journey. This is not so bad if you can do it but what about the blind, disabled and elderly who do not have that option?

It is highly reprehensible of these residents to park like this and their actions must be dealt with accordingly. This would be an even more hazardous action in the dark and must not be tolerated. These actions are very selfish and must not be the way that people continue to park on this street.

Also, what if a fire engine or an ambulance needs access to this road in an emergency? They do not stand a chance of accessing this road if cars are parked on the islands at the top of this road, or the one by the alleyway halfway down.

While we are talking about this second island, is it not illegal to park on it or opposite it, on the bend in the road? Cars race around this road and cannot see any vehicle parked on the bend. It is only a matter of time before a head-on collision occurs because they do not see a hazard like an obstruction from a parked car.

Many of the flats also have the added advantage of garages behind them and they should be made to use them. This would free up the road at a point where it narrows, or could the squares not be converted to parking bays to relieve some of the parking issues in this road? Some do it anyway!

Some residents also use company vehicles and should not be allowed to park them outside in a residential area. They should be made to leave them at work and not at home.

Many houses in this road have more than one car. That is fine, but don’t use more spaces as that is considered selfish and thoughtless. If you want more than one car, find legal parking for the rest of your cars, this is considerate to your fellow neighbour, and don’t use two spaces outside your house to park one car as it stops another car parking legally.

One last point, what are the relevant authorities doing about this situation? Surely a parking attendant should regularly visit this road and deal with any illegal or hazardous parking in the appropriate way?

Selfish actions by selfish people. Is this what our society is coming to? This is so sad a reflection of how people live now and must not be tolerated.

Mrs Alison F. Cox

St Botolph’s Road


(resident of Buci Crescent until nine years ago)

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