Selfish interests

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Your letters

The headline ‘Defeat for UKIP’ is astonishing (Shoreham Herald, October 16).

Your headline should have read: “Congratulations UKIP for standing up for the people against selfish interests.”

How can any group of men, calling themselves Tories, hurriedly pass a housing development project through when they could have easily waited just six months for the results of a detailed flooding enquiry?

Perhaps I am wrong but I can only assume there must have been some hidden agenda.

Surely they could not have forgotten the terrible hardships caused by flooding only a few months ago.

I have voted Conservative all my life and will now certainly vote UKIP next time.

How can the Tories be so spineless and sheeplike and vote as they did?

I certainly would not trust them looking after my interests.

Christopher James

The Martlet


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