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Your letters

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, someone hasn’t gone to Specsavers!

Councillor Liza McKinney (letters, Herald, July 31) obviously has not read my letters properly, as I have never mentioned, or even suggested, a No.19 evening bus service.

I reiterate what I asked. There is a demand from residents, pensioners and mothers, on Shoreham Beach for Sunday and bank holiday bus services of the No.19, from say 9.30am to 5.15pm.

That’s all I said, never any mention or suggestions of any evening services.

May I now suggest to any bright spark at the council that it tries say a month of Sundays and just see what reaction this brings from all the residents. I agree, it is then up to them all to make use of this and fill those Sundays.

Liza McKinney mentions the toing and froing from Ferry Road while the bridge was being built. No one wanted to have to walk to Ferry Road to get a bus! So we have to disregard all this and let’s concentrate on the matter in hand.

On another note, we all pay council tax, to include collecting rubbish.

So why, at Quayside, Hancock Way, Shorehan Beach, are we faced with a mounting amount of rubbish for weeks? Rubbish from the two sheds used to be collected weekly and it was left in perfect condition.

Apart from the most unhygienic, unhealthy, strong smells from which any one of us could catch germs, when the doors are opened, a mound of rubbish falls on one’s head.

We are going back to Charles Dickens’ days. Soon the council will ask young children to climb inside the chimneys to clean to save more money!

This is meant to be a modern 2014 where everything gets better. Ha. It’s more like 1814.

Barry Mishon


Shoreham Beach

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