Residents concerns about viability of New Monks Farm development

Pic Steve Robards SR1813262
Pic Steve Robards SR1813262

Residents and the council should be concerned about the financial viability of the New Monks Farm development.

Already £5.7million of public money from the Local Growth Fund has been granted.

Should our money be used to help a developer make a profit, to build on a flood plain, to create low paid and low skilled jobs?

Infrastructure costs have risen from £20million in 2016 to £46million today. It now seems highly unlikely that there will be funding to build the primary school or funding contributions for secondary education.

The amount of affordable rented housing has already been cut from 75 per cent to 60 per cent.

How many more cuts will there be? This development is not viable.

Barb O’Kelly

Chairman, Adur Residents Environmental Action, Fairfield Close, Shoreham


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