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Your letters

I am a resident of Shoreham Beach and I am very concerned that there have been further delays in the Ferry Road improvement scheme.

I went to a meeting on December 3 of the Adur County Local Committee, where to the surprise of many persons there, the matter was not discussed because it had just become known to the council that there was a public hard next to the pub.

I then attended a meeting held at Tomfoolery Coffee Company café in Shoreham on December 18, where a group of concerned residents, the county councillor and MP met to discuss how to progress this whole matter.

After some debate, it was agreed to ask West Sussex County Council’s legal department to investigate the details of this hard and also to define the ownership of the lay-by outside the shops at the north end of Ferry Road.

I have written to the legal department, therefore, asking them to investigate these matters and present their findings no later than Thursday, January 15, 2015.

It is the intention of the residents present at the meeting on December 18 to request an urgent meeting of Adur CLC for Wednesday, January 28, to discuss and vote on their matters.

David Featherstone

Emerald Quay

Harbour Way

Shoreham Beach

• Editor’s note: West Sussex County Council has written to Mr Featherstone to say it was not possible to clarify the various issues before the CLC meeting in December, so the item was removed from the agenda.

There continue to be points of detail to be addressed and, due to the festive season, these would not be fully finalised until early in the new year.

It was confirmed that the next meeting of Adur CLC will be on March 11, ‘so the delay is comparatively limited’, he was told.

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