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Your letters

Oh dear, they’re still at it. The Friends of the Memorial Playing Field put in a planning proposal for a skate park on the car park of Steyning Leisure Centre, on land which is controlled by Steyning Grammar School.

The leisure centre do not want a skate park in their car park and the grammar school absolutely refuse to allow it to be built there ‘now or at any time in the future’, so FoMPF have no way of building it.

The planning proposal is therefore a complete waste of time as it could never be delivered. Arguments as to its merits are merely a cynical diversion and a red herring.

It was described as ‘one of the most bizarre planning applications’ by a councillor and permission was refused. The FoMPF straw-clutchers are appealing the decision.

In other news, their disgraceful smear campaign against Steyning Parish Council also continues to make no progress. Two judicial reviews launched by FoMPF vice-chairman Paul Campbell alleging all manner of misconduct were refused by a judge and then again at appeal. Mr Campbell’s repeated spurious Freedom of Information requests were refused by the council, so Mr Campbell appealed to the information commisioner, who upheld the council’s decision. Mr Campbell called a tribunal and the judge again threw out Mr Campbell’s complaint, criticising him heavily.

The FoMPF straw-clutchers are also gunning for the council over the fence which has recently been erected to surround the children’s play area in the middle of the Memorial Playing Field. FoMPF say there is an ancient right of way passing through the fence and there is no gate to allow access.

Have they ever been to the site, I wonder? The route they describe passes through the middle of the only obstacle in a large field. The path apparently passes through a small clump of very closely-planted trees with a climbing frame in the gap. The footpath is therefore already blocked.

Who in their right mind would try to walk through the middle of that when they can walk around the trees a couple of yards to the east? The fence is very close to the trees and in no way restricts passage.

There is no sign of a path anyway; it’s an open field, and the obvious route from one corner to the other passes beside the clump of trees and the play area, not through it, which would be an inappropriate route to encourage people to attempt.

Their complaint is simply another malicious time-waster and desperate excuse to portray the council as incompetent.

Let us be positive and discourage this divisive, negative element in our midst by supporting the council in their genuine and positive endeavours to improve the facilities in the parish.

Jonathan Court

Charlton Street


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