Poor EU return

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Your letters

I would like to respond to a letter that I saw in the Herald (April 2).

The letter in question was by Catherine Bearder MEP. She says that businesses from Brighton and Hove, Croydon and West Sussex are set to benefit from £50million of European funding to increase competitiveness and reduce unemployment and support for rural development, etc.

What that lady does not seem to realise is that that £50million from the EU is our money in the first place. I don’t think that she is aware that this country pays the EU £55million every day (and that is just to belong to that organisation, correction regime).

While we are on the subject of the EU, the BBC is supposed to be an unbiased organisation, yet it is very biased towards the EU. This is because the EU gives the BBC donations of money from time to time. I don’t know about other people but to me that is like paying for my TV licence twice over.

Getting back to Catherine Bearder MEP, is she a Conservative MEP by any chance? If she is, then she ought to be aware that back in 2010 or 2011, David Cameron awarded a train carriage contract to a German company instead of a British company.

While on the subject of the EU, we in Britain don’t get anywhere near as much money from the EU compared to what we put into the EU. It is like give a £1 coin to them and they give us back only a 2p coin for change.

It is also worth noting that the EU has started to spread their propaganda into our schools. They are telling the schoolchildren (especially teenagers) what a wonderful organisation the EU is. Well the adult eurosceptics among us know differently, don’t we?

Peter Harvey

Harbour Way

Shoreham Beach

• Editor’s note: Catherine Bearder is a Liberal Democrat member of the European Parliament for the south east of England.

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