Plan will cause disruption

As a very close neighbour of the “thin end of the wedge” development on the corner of Beach Green and Beach Road, Shoreham Beach, I have a vested interest in the area. My main concerns are the immense disruption that will be created during the excavation and build period. Parking and road traffic safety is a very big concern as this proposed development is on the corner of a busy junction. On a personal point, this proposed development will, in my view, have a negative effect on light and vision from my house. The proposer of this development states that their plans met with “universal support”. From who, as only the chosen few could have possibly known about it? If this plan was given a much earlier public airing, then I am sure the proposer (author of most of the letters of approval?) would be eating their words right now!.

Dave Ramus

Beach Green,

Shoreham Beach